On the way to Onigashima

As the chapter goes further, more interesting stuff is coming out. In the One piece chapter 976, We witnessed that it was sheer luck of Kinemon, He misinterpreted the sign of the symbol and gave wrong place to gather. In the same chapter Momonsuke was kidnapped by Kanjuro and he successfully escaped from there.

In that moment one ship of the beast pirates got away, then they started to fire against the ships of the samurai’s, but luffy and his friends were unable to do anything, because the distance was too far. But then some one made an entry and fixed that problem, Jimbei destroyed that ship with fish-man karate technique which created a water cannon.

He did gave his introduction and Law and Kid were most shocked to see him as a strawhat member. Luffy as always with shining eyes reacting to the situation and was most happy person on Jimbei’s comeback. Every body greeted him and Kinemon & Law explained the plan to others but as always one idiot never listens, same happened here.

Strawhats attacked the Port area and finished everything in an instant. everyone was shocked seeing how easily they defeated the gaurdians.

On the other side, Banquet had began and new revelation came that kaido has a son. Before they show his first appearance in one piece, the flying six(tobi roppo) arrived in the banquet and chapter ended there with the cliffhanger, We were only introduced with two Tobi roppo’s (X-drake and Page – One) rest of members are still mystery and many theories are also making rounds in the community that a certain person might return and he would be shown as member of Tobi roppo. speculations are being made that Gin might return as Tobi roppo member, as he promised sanji to meet again in the grand line.

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