All star performer – Queen the Plague

Queen the plague is an all star of the beast pirates as one of the three disasters of Kaido’s army, he first appeared in manga chapter 925 and in anime in episode 918, he rules the Udon prison, where he tries to break spirit of prisoners and make them join the beast pirates to serve Kaido or he executes them, he has bounty worth 1,320,000,000 billion belly which is higher than Katakuri but lower than luffy.

Queen is massive round figured man with light skin, he has one mechanical arm and one normal arm, he has blonde or yellow hair with glasses covering his eyes and blonde or yellow mustache, he likes cigar and has navy colored lipstick, his upper body is heavy but has small legs.

This was introduction of Queen the plague, but the main topic of this blog is his left arm. Why Queen doesn’t have a normal arm, why Queen has a mechanical or robotic arm. this was the big question going in my mind, then one instance strikes in mind, same thing has happened with one supernova as well, that supernova is Eustass Kid, his target was Red haired shanks and when they got into the fight with them, he lost his left hand in that clash.

During marineford war, when Kaido was heading to take down whitebeard, he was stopped by the Red-haired pirates.

We can assume that during that clash with Red-haired pirates, queen might have lost his arm which could have made Beast pirates to retreat from there. There is scar on his right arm, which is stitched, It could be an attack from a sword, in red haired pirates only shanks has been shown with sword.

After stopping them, Red-haired pirates came to marineford to stop the war. It is only theory that Queen lost his arm against Red-haired pirates same as Eustass Kid. We might come to know this in future.

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