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All star performer – Queen the Plague

Queen the plague is an all star of the beast pirates as one of the three disasters of Kaido’s army, he first appeared in manga chapter 925 and in anime in episode 918, he rules the Udon prison, where he tries to break spirit of prisoners and make them join the beast pirates to serve…

The Tobi Roppo & Their Devil Fruits

In Wano arc, We were introduced the Flying six a.k.a the Tobi Roppo. We already know the devil fruits of 3 members till now and rest of the members’s devil fruits are yet to be revealed. X-Drake and Page One were introduced as Flying Six members. X-Drake has Dragon-Dragon Fruit, Ancient Model: Allosaurus and Page…

On the way to Onigashima

As the chapter goes further, more interesting stuff is coming out. In the One piece chapter 976, We witnessed that it was sheer luck of Kinemon, He misinterpreted the sign of the symbol and gave wrong place to gather. In the same chapter Momonsuke was kidnapped by Kanjuro and he successfully escaped from there. In…